• Why should I use this app?

    Primary reason is the amount of time and money we save you. It can take upto 100 hours or more in many cases to setup a penetration testing lab. We save you this setup and configuration time. Second is the hardware, all those VM's and servers need a lot of computing power. We provide this power to you. We handle their lifecycle, storage, management, networking, security etc.

    With l33tpwn all you need is a web browser. This is a very big deal because the initial hurdle to start exploring the computer/software/network security field is to have the necessary resources. We bring down the minimum requirement to get started to a level that is simply not available elsewhere. It's like netflix or youtube but for ethical hacking.

  • What is an attack machine?

    Attack machine is a server with an operating system loaded with tools required for ethical hacking. We provide a server based on the most popular distribution known as Kali Linux. It contains tools like metasploit, john the ripper, burpsuite and many many many more. You may think of it as a tool box, a very powerful toolbox.

  • What is a target machine?

    This the machine you need to hack into ethically. This is the lock you are trying to pick. Your lockpick is the attack machine. You can try various tactics on these target machines, even if you render these machines unusable you can reset it typically in less than 60 seconds. We provide different types of targets with different vulnerabilities. Some of these are well known targets from places like vulnhub.com or educational projects from owasp.org.

  • How much does it cost?

    It is excellent value for money. Pricing information is availabe on the homepage.

  • How does it work?

    We have automated deployment and configuration of servers. We have automated the network setup. We have locked down this network and isolated each customer. The whole setup, deployment spiel is now repeatable and reliable. We have tied this up behind a user interface that is your dashboard.

  • How to cancel my subcsription?

    Login to your dashboard, goto settings. Click cancel. If your payment is due on the 30th december and you cancel on 1st of december. You can cancel your subscription and still have access to your account upto the 30th. You pay us upfront. Your can come back anytime and renew your subscription.

  • What is your refund policy?

    15 days from first subscription no questions asked. Yes, we track number of subcsription per user.

  • I am having issues with my account. Where can I reach a human?

    Jump onto our discord. Humans on discord will guide you. If you are an Expert subscriber, discord humans will call you.

  • Which browsers are supported?

    Pretty much any browser, we have tested chrome/firefox on linux. chrome/firefox/edge/opera on windows. safari/chrome/firefox/opera on macos. Works on tablets too tested with chrome on android and chrome/safari on iOS.

  • Can I use l33tpwn from a mobile phone?

    Technically yes, practically no. The amount of patience required to deal with a desktop user interface on a mobile phone is immeasurable.

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